Start building on Atlas

Atlas has a cli tool called atlas-toolkit that allows you to easily create new projects, test contracts, and deploy them to your app chain.


  1. Install Docker desktop, and Node 16.17 or higher.

  2. Install the atlas-toolkit cli tool. You can use atlas-toolkit or atk for all commands. We'll be using atk.

npm i atlas-toolkit -g
  1. Login to Atlas via the cli tool.
atk login

This will open a browser window where you can login.

Create a new project

atk new

You'll be able to choose your project name and select a chain to deploy contracts to. If you don't have any chains, you'll have to create one from the app.

Once created, go to your new project and install dependencies:

cd my-project && npm i -f

Write contracts

Write contracts in the contracts folder. There is also a basic deploy script under the deploy folder.

You can customize the deploy script if you want to deploy multiple contracts. We use hardhat to compile and deploy contracts.


Write tests in the test folder. We use hardhat to test contracts.

Docker desktop must be running for this command

atk test

Deploy contracts to your chain

Docker desktop must be running for this command

atk deploy